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Identity word

The Identity Scorecard

“One of the things I love most about web standards is there are so many to choose from!” The ironically witty statement above was uttered by my friend, David Crow, on IRC in 2006. Seven years later, it’s pretty much the same. Every major company pushing their own standards and pretty much every one of […]

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There’s No Shame in That

I was describing my startup experience to a woman I admire the other day, when out of the blue, she asked: “Was it worth it?” I hardly hesitated at all and said: “The only thing I’d change if I could go back is that I’d integrate the incredible lessons I’ve learned during this time.” And […]

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Does anybody know what we are looking for?

Why would anyone want to enter a frothy market that has an idea that comes from a real place of “let’s make stuff work better for people AND make money?” It’s heartbreaking.

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Video: Shopping as a Revolutionary Act

The VRM panel from SXSW Interactive with Doc Searls, Chris Carfi, Adriana Lucas an I.

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The Customer is the Center

The customer and the future of the customer’s data is at the center of everything…we are just trying to make it meaningful and interesting for people to gather it.

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The (my)Space-Time Continuum

Lots of people talk about the impact of the real-time web and how it benefits businesses as well as serendipity – and it does! – but history is also chock full of relevant and powerful information.

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Welcome to the Social Black Hole. Population: YOU

Lately I’ve started to think more and more about how everything I put into Twitter and Facebook is akin to throwing my memories into a black hole.

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Holy Crap. My Startup is at TechCrunch Disrupt

To give you a sense of how crazy this move was, let me tell you where we were at almost exactly a month ago. We had no front end design and pretty much nil on the front end development.

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Data is Power(ful): Body Knowledge

If I knew the effects of that poutine I had at 3 am a couple of weeks ago were in real time, I would probably watch what I put in my body. But right now it’s invisible and even though I kind of get the effects of my personal abuse, I keep abusing.

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Understanding the customer is not the same as educating the customer

People aren’t lazy or stupid, but we ARE busy and will find anything to simplify our lives so we have more times for the things that really matter. Understand that and win.

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