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2015 #Themeword: Create

Welcome 2015. New year. New home. New job. 2014 was quite a year! It started out without too much fuss. Carlos and I spent our first NYE in Toronto, ringing in 2014. By February, I was offeredΒ a job at MSLGROUP Canada. In July, Carlos and I went to Palm Springs where we joined 400 other […]

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It’s Worse Than You Think: or why you should care about poverty, jobs and income inequality

Follow my blog with Bloglovin [Row of Unemployed from Flickr Commons] I’m afraid. Truly. I’m afraid of where we’re headed. We live in a world where the basic storyline goes something like this: we are born, we get educated, we go to work, we earn money, we buy a house and get hitched and have […]

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Confidence and the Cause-Effect Loop

From Lean In to inspirational messages, the answer to much of inequality seems to be the responsibility of the person on the losing end of the equation. Fair enough, you might say, that person stands to gain the Β most. Let me offer up another angle. I was born a confident person. I’m not sure how […]

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My Aptitude Adjustment (with Latitude by YouScience)

I love this stuff, so I just have to share. Sorry if it seems gratuitous or ‘braggy’. I don’t mean it that way. This might be the coolest thing I’ve done for my career in quite sometime. This week, I signed up to try out an Aptitude Test product by YouScience called Latitude. For a […]

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2014 Themeword: Purpose

Well 2013…let’s take stock. At the end of 2012, I declared you would be my year of Triumph. And yes, there were many triumphs this year: I played a strong role in the triumph of Justin Trudeau as Liberal Leader (I was part of a very tiny team that ran his social media strategy and […]

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I’m Daily Vlogging!

Okay…so this isn’t groundbreaking. LOTS of people do this and have been doing this since 2006. But I’ve avoided it like the plague. Why? Well, here are all of my lame excuses I’ve had over the years: I’m a writer – that is my better medium. I don’t want to have to fix my hair […]

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Meritocracy is Almost as Real as this Unicorn

Not sure how to avoid plagiarism? I use Grammarly because, if nothing else, I’m an original. ;) While living and working in San Francisco many years back, I learned a new term: Meritocracy. It sounded like such a lovely thing – the idea that people are celebrated, rewarded and advanced by the merits of their […]

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Dangerous Data: when it tells the wrong story

I opened up my email this morning to see an article from Mashable titled The Anatomy of the World’s Top Performing CEOs [INFOGRAPHIC] and then opened the article to see a really depressing infographic that emphasized the maleness and marriedness and even the hairline of the CEO’s. At first I thought, that’s not good for […]

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More Big News

[it’s been difficult to keep this to myself for the past few weeks…watch Surprise Party Sue to understand! ;)] In 2009, when I moved to Montreal, the point wasn’t for my move to be permanent. I loved the city and thought it would be a great place to do a startup and settle back in […]

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Milestones: Turning 40 + Launching Lime

LIFE BEGINS AT 40 More than a few people have said, “Life begins at 40” to me lately. Many of them have experienced it themselves. You stop caring about what people think and you start focusing on what really matters in life. Your career comes into full bloom. Your love life matures. You stop fretting […]

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