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The Lee Atwater Legacy and Attack Ads

Thanks to a recommendation on Twitter last week, I watched Boogie Man: The Lee Atwater Story. For those of you who aren’t familiar with his legacy, Lee Atwater was the campaign strategist that pretty much invented the negative political game. He was a master at planting rumors and spreading lies that would take hold before any […]

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How Do We Make Canadian Politics Sexier? A: Nerds

When I was in university, I did some volunteering for the political party I most admired. I put signs on my lawn. I called. I handed out leaflets. I knocked on doors. I felt engaged. But something happened over the years. Year after year, I lost interest in Canadian politics. And I’m not alone. Voter […]

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The Hole in the Soul of Business

(the title of this post is a direct ‘tribute’ to a column of the same name by one of my favorite management writers, Gary Hamel) For the past 12 years, Edelman has conducted a very in-depth study of the level of trust consumers have for government, media and corporations and has found, unsurprisingly, that there […]

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Five Things I’ve Learned By Listening to People Whose Views Differ

Last night after the awesome Bill Clinton speech, which I watched first through people talking (via Twitter, Facebook and, which is thoroughly fascinating during live events) about it and have since watched online. Right afterwards, my friend Deb Schultz, tweeted: It reminded me of a tweet I saw 4 years ago during the last […]

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Charmed (again) by Charm City

(thanks for the title suggestion Sharon!) A few months back, I wrote about a short trip to Baltimore, Maryland that fundamentally rocked my core. I’ve always wanted to visit Baltimore as I’m one of the many fans of the amazing show The Wire, but discovered quickly that Baltimore is so much more than The Wire. […]

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Musing on Collectivism vs. Individualism

For some reason, Facebook is a hotbed of political discussion. Actually, I know the reason: Facebook is where we express our opinions and promote the ideas we want to promote. It’s the ultimate in Confirmation Bias. We like the statements people make that support our opinions and views and argue with those who we disagree […]

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Guest Post: Washington Forgets Best Case for Immigration Reform

To succeed in a knowledge-based economy, America needs an advanced-degreed, entrepreneurial, and globally-connected population. Today’s immigrants bring these skills to the table – with aces.

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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

So as any of you who visited HPC yesterday know, it was attacked by a malware hosting site. I’m not sure how they do it, but somehow they get in and implant iframe code to serve up malicious software for unsuspecting visitors. I think it may have been a security hole in WordPress combined with […]

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Rebooting America

Yay! Totally stoked that Rebooting America is now available for sale, an anthology I worked on with the good peeps at the Personal Democracy Forum. Rebooting includes forty-four essays by political and digital luminaries including Craig Newmark (of craigslist), Esther Dyson, Joe Trippi, Newt Gingrich and many others — including my slightly provocative essay, “Who […]

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You can't eat Whuffie (but it's getting harder to eat without it)

The last couple of times I’ve come across the border to apply for my TN1 Visa (NAFTA Visa between Canada and US), the border officers have Googled me. And, to my surprise, have actually told me that the results were good enough to back up the resume I handed them. One official actually said, “You […]

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