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3 Types of Insights

Three Types of Insights That Will Help Shape Your Strategy

Ideas without insights – especially coming from a group of people who usually are very far removed from the audience – are akin to throwing darts in the dark. Even the best ideas, without direction, wonโ€™t hit their mark. These brain dumps are a waste of everybodyโ€™s valuable time. You need to start with research.

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Why Are Brands Afraid of Investing in the Long Term Content?

My Truly Social Tip this week is about one of those investments: Hub content on YouTube. Take a watch and see what this is and why it’s so powerful.

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Survey Says... by Henry Faber on Flickr

Research is 75% of Strategy

When most people think of marketing, they think of the ads and promotions – the visible stuff. But for the great campaigns, the real magic happens long before those ads and promotions are even dreamt up. The real magic happens in the research and insights. The job of anyone in audience development is to figure […]

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Why YouTubers are Cashing In (hint: they are worth it)

I’ve read more than a few articles that sensationalize the large dollar amounts that Digital Influencers are making. I’ve also overheard many people having conversations about this that indicate they think this is frivolous. I want to tell you that when I hear anyone snicker at what Digital Influencers are making, I automatically think: That […]

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Michelle Phan's Wicked Red Riding Hood

What do YouTubers Have that Brands Can Learn From?

Now that we’ve established the growing power of the digital influencer and their ability to engage your audience on a deep and meaningful level, let’s dive into why they’ve become such powerhouses.

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Why Digital Influencers Matter More Than Ever

There is a new influencer in town. She’s part celebrity, part media, part spokesperson and nothing like you’ve ever dealt with before.

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How to be Creative

My work is fundamentally creative. There are loads of analytical pieces, but at the end of the day, marketing is about making a connection with human beings who are not as predictable as marketers would like to think. Yes, there are lots of studies on consumer behavior and human drive and we can move the […]

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No, Social Media Doesn’t Drive Sales…but that’s not the point

Okay, maybe I’m overstating it. Some salesย are driven through social media channels. I know I’ve bought books and songs and contributed to Kickstarter campaigns many times because a friend shared a link and I thought, “Hey! That’s awesome! I should buy that!” I’ve even tipped a bigger purchase in favor of a friendly recommendation on […]

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If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.

[title quote attributed to Alexander Hamilton as well as Malcolm X in various forms, image bought from Shutterstock] I’ve been trying to put my finger on the problem with so much of the social content brands put out into the world. Why does it seem so damned flat and soulless? Sure, they post the occasional […]

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Switching Costs: A Person’s #1 Reason for Not Trying Your Service

People get comfortable with routines…even if they aren’t the most efficient. Sticking with a familiar inefficiency is often less daunting than switching to an unknown. Many companies try to sell their products and services as an ‘easier’ or ‘time saving’ or ‘better’ way to do something, but even if your potential customers will save time […]

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