Milestones: Turning 40 + Launching Lime


More than a few people have said, “Life begins at 40” to me lately. Many of them have experienced it themselves. You stop caring about what people think and you start focusing on what really matters in life. Your career comes into full bloom. Your love life matures. You stop fretting about the physical decline, learn to love the love handles and start really taking better care of yourself so you can live longer, not so you can just look better.

Well, today I’m looking forward to all of that stuff because I am 40.

And oh boy am I ringing in the big 4-0 in style! My awesome partner has brought me to his ancestor’s homeland, São Miguel, Açores, the most incredible place I’ve been to date (sorry New Zealand! You were in first place, but this place is A-MAzing):

I’m in the most amazing place in the world, with an amazing partner and amazing friends (many who made the long trek to come to spend a few days here with me) and I just can’t help but think this is a good omen to that “life begins at 40” thing.

A New Company: Lime Foundry


I thought today would be the perfect timing to announce another milestone in my life. Me and two friends are launching a boutique agency that specializes in Social Strategy, Content & Community – really focusing in on the content bit. As you may have noticed, I’ve been writing quite a bit in that area and the more I work with clients, the more I realize more people need to focus on it. Lots of people buzz about it (and, as I’ve said, I hate the term because it is as interesting as dust, but it’s descriptive enough), but not enough people have the knack for it, nor the patience to help clients through learning how it can really make their social media efforts worthwhile.

The company name is Lime Foundry, which derives from all sorts of juicy (badum tass) origins, including the fact that Helen, Natasha and I had our very first “we should start a company” meeting at Limon, a Mexican restaurant in Montreal (though limon means lemon, it’s often referred to as lime). We drank margaritas and came up with all sorts of fun ideas. It’s also the character of my favorite movie of all time – Harry Lime in The Third Man – and limes are the epitome of . But it took our friend Bill Sweetman of NameNinja helped us through the incredibly painful process of figuring this out and getting all of our assets in a row.  You know when something is right there staring you in the face, but you need someone with experience and insight to point it out? That was Bill for us!

We’re also announcing our first workshop in our series of getting the various tools right for content marketing:

Content Marketing for Facebook
Wednesday, August 7, 2013 – 10am-5pm (ET)
Burger Bar (upstairs), 1465 Crescent St, Montreal, QC H3G 2B2

Eventbrite - Content Marketing for Facebook

It’s going to be a packed day as we are covering lots of ground, but it will give a solid primer for anyone who is spinning wheels with their Facebook Pages. We are also planning more workshops, some in Toronto, that will cover other platforms and intentions. Blogging, video, Tumblr, where and how to use geo-location, how should fashion brands approach content, etc. Our workshop section should evolve nicely over time. We’ll do online training as well, but I want to start with IRL.

Originally I was going to rekindle my old brand Rogue Strategies, but coming together with two new partners meant I needed a “fresh” start. ;) And this is pretty darned fresh:

Lime Foundry Screenshot

Other Exciting Changes to Come…

There are all sorts of things brewing right now that I can’t announce quite yet, but I think those people who believe that life begins at 40 are onto something. I’m certainly looking forward to everything that is around the corner and it all seems to be coming together as of this summer. I plan to blog more here and spend more time writing (I did promise a book, but it’s shaping up a bit different from originally planned) and I may even take some of those coding classes (front end development) I’ve been pining for.

Either way, life begins at 40 and if life up until 40 wasn’t living, I’m looking forward to the next decade. ;)

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  1. July 16, 2013 at 05:41 #

    Love the Image of Lime Foundry. Fresh and new! Goodluck. I look forward to hearing about it more. I too, am 40 this year and here’s hoping I come to love the idea before I get there. Happy Birthday!


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